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We have been in the copier & printer sales & service business for over 2 decades, we earned the reputation that most or all companies that need to rent reliable equipment come to trust, we offer nationwide equipment rentals, short term and long term – Copiers & printers with 24/7 support, including IT support.

So, if you find your company in need of that extra Litigation Laser Printer Rental in Minnetrista MN, for short or long term, you have us to count on!

Keep up-to-date with high-tech features like dual-side scanning, booklet design and advanced stapling.

Rent a copier from the best copier company in Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota and experience quality and great service. We have easy to operate and convenient multi-function copy machines, printers and MFP’s. They offer the ability to rapidly scan, fax, print and copy from a home business or small business to clients. We provide short term & long term copier rentals. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable copier, printer or MFP, you’ve found the right place. We can and will rent or Lease you office equipment that is an affordable choice for all your business needs in the Twin Cities. We carry a variety of copiers and printers like, Konica Minolta, XEROX, Kyocera, Ricoh, Hp and many other brands, which fit any size office space. Reduce your carbon footprint and go with a greener technology by upgrading your equipment. If you have a small business operation or a large company with multiple locations, we can help you outfit your business with affordable options.
Get excited about getting your company’s message out with features like sideways printing, trifold brochures, custom size paper, collating and stapling. Contact our customer service representatives for the fas and reliable copier company in Minnesota. It’s easy to keep up-to-date with high-tech features like dual-side scanning, booklet design and advanced stapling. If you are looking to rent a copier for a short period of time, ask about our affordable rental plans. Copier Rental Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota

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Taking Care of Your Office Equipment Properly to Avoid Malfunctions

Simply like the device that our human body is, your office devices additionally experiences downtime. As well as very a lot like an unwell body, when your copier or fax maker heads out of order, a great deal of office tasks are placed on hold. This suggests decreased productivity, and also anxiety and also unmet deadlines. This can be avoided.Downtime, whether for a brief or long period of time, eventually causes loss of earnings. There are techniques as well as pointers which can be used to assist you avoid downtime. There are numerous ways which you can prevent this:1. Sufficient functional knowledge of office staff - It does not truly take a genius to troubleshoot usual office devices problems, specifically when the personnel have adequate technical knowledge, typical feeling will certainly likewise do, with these devices.2. Normal maintenance checks - Avoidance is far better than treatment. Habitual check-ups of your workplace equipment keep them well-oiled, so to speak, as well as prevent any kind of feasible downtime. Although, certainly, it doesn't actually make it foolproof, you're absolutely lowering any kind of feasible downtime.3. Quality workplace devices - High quality comes with a cost, that's a reality. Nonetheless, in the future, it might verify to be a much more practical choice than acquiring a lesser priced counterpart. With these suggestions, you will certainly make certain to have minimal occurrences of downtime as well as a longer life for your workplace equipment. You conserve cash by not calling maintenance for every little technological trouble that arises. You can additionally save money when there is much less downtime at the office.What if your photo copier all of a sudden vomits all the documents you feed it as well as you require all the duplicates in the following thirty minutes for the upcoming board conference? Can you possibly await the upkeep crew to reveal up as well as repair it?When it's an emergency situation such as this, you will certainly have little selection but to do the job on your own if you wish to obtain your tasks done on time. And it really helps to have some knowledge on exactly how to deal with urgent situations.Here is a simple step by action treatment on resolving your copier emergency:1. Attempt feeding the copier various sizes of paper. It might be because among the paper sizes is jamming the device. Is the paper simply stopping or is it scrunching? 2. Pay attention to the maker. What kind of noise does it make- whining, does it seems to be spinning its rollers or does it seems off? 3. So one dimension is jamming the photo copier, then it means that the difficulty hinges on one of the cassettes. All you require to do is change the placement of the cassette and there you go. 4. If feasible, clean the cassette as well as the rollers which turn the paper. 5. Nonetheless, if all cassettes seem to be obstructing as well as the paper quits in the device without crumpling, it's possibly since of put on out rollers. You can do the exact same procedure as above to cleanse out the rollers. 6. If the maker is obstructing as well as the paper is folding, then comply with the path of the paper carefully and identify if there is something inside which causes the paper to quit. 7. Listen to your machine; it can conserve you a great deal of time. If it resembles it is just rotating its rollers, then check out them because they relocate the paper with the equipment. If the photo copier whines or if it groans prior to jamming after that you will certainly need to call for service.It will truly assist if you are able to attend to basic workplace devices problems on your very own. Saves you a whole lot money and time, and helps you satisfy your due dates without awaiting the upkeep crew to arrive as well as deal with these downed equipment.


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Workplace life has changed significantly considering that the 1980s. The last thirty years have seen exceptional advancements in technology and also social mindsets, which have actually considerably transformed everyday life in the workplace.Without an uncertainty it is the development of the PC that has actually had the a lot of influence on office life. Tasks that would have taken 1980s staff hrs to complete can currently be automated as well as done in seconds. What's more, email as well as the web have saved companies time and also money whilst also enabling a number of them to carry out organisation all over the world.But it isn't simply innovation that has evolved; perspectives in the direction of women in the office have actually also changed substantially over the last thirty years. While it was not uncommon for a 1980s female to be satisfied in her function as a secretary, her modern counterpart can delight in far better task prospects, a higher income and also even more respect.In truth, the general treatment of all workplace staff members has actually improved significantly many thanks to modern health and wellness laws that shield us from prospective mishaps in the office. Not only do these new regulations have workers' benefits in mind, they also conserve firms millions of extra pounds in problems each year.An office materials order in the 80's would certainly have been composed generally of pens, pencils, paper and so on. Currently they include things such as printer ink and toner, laptop computer risers as well as memory sticks.In the heat of summertime, 1980s workers would additionally have actually needed to sustain annoyingly high workplace temperature levels. In today's modern workplaces, however, workers can readjust the temperature as well as take pleasure in the cooling impact of air-conditioning. In the 80s, it would likewise have been common to spend the work day breathing in the second-hand smoke of your colleagues, as anti-smoking laws were non-existent. Today, employees should make their method to marked smoking cigarettes locations outside if they want to smoke.So a lot has actually changed over the last thirty years. As modern technology and also culture have evolved, so have our workplaces. From keeping great in the summer season to getting an instantaneous reply from an email and even being able to operate in a clean and safe atmosphere - today's offices are a far more pleasant and also effective location to work.